TensioMed Kft.


Beginning of membership: 2013
Address: 1181 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos u. 97.
Phone: (+36 20) 258 6369
E-mail: info@tensiomed.com
Website: www.tensiomed.com

Field of activity

Development of cardiovascular diagnostic tools, artheriographs


TensioMed has always been more than just another healthcare manufacturing company. The company foundation in 1999 had been followed by years of research and development until Arteriograph was created by Miklós Illyés M.D. PhD and József Béres. This is a revolutionary and the first-of-its-kind device capable of providing a comprehensive analysis of the arteries with the ease of a blood pressure measurement.
TensioMed Education was created in order to make our experience beneficial for the customers.
Get to know us and learn at first-hand how unique we are.

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