Technoplast Group Kft.

Tervezés, mérnöki szolgáltatások, 3D nyomtatás, gyors prototípus gyártás, műanyag és fémfeldolgozás, CNC megmunkálás CAD/CAM rendszerben, szerszámkészítés,
Orvostechnikai berendezések és alkaltrészek gyártása, összeszerelése. Interested!


Beginning of membership: 2015
Address: 3561 Felsőzsolca, Bódva u. 7.
Phone: (+36-46) 379 308

Field of activity

Designing, engineering services, rapid prototyping, production of tools


We established our predecessor in 1980. It works in its present form since 2011.
Since its establishment, we are a reliable supplier to companies, which manufacturing medical instruments and devices for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in Switzerland and Germany.
We make complete equipment, components, covers, various plastic and metal parts according to the needs of our customers.

We manufacture unique, small and large series pharmaceutical products.
In case of request, we also participate in product development and prototype production.
Our activities include design, engineering, 3D printing, rapid prototype manufacturing, plastic and metal processing, CNC machining in CAD / CAM, tool making, machine and jig manufacturing, assembly, painting.

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