Beginning of membership: 2017
Address: Szeged, 6720 Dugonics tér 13.
Phone: (+36 62) 544-000

Field of activity

Higher education, research, development and innovation


The University of Szeged is a prestigious institution in Hungary, where study fields of all walks of scientific life are represented in 12 faculties, where about 21,000 university students enrich their knowledge, including more than 3,700 foreign students.

The University’s main mission – which is inseparable from education - is to maintain its competitive research university character and to ensure a European-level healing work.

Our institution performs outstandingly in international rankings: SZTE is one of the top 500 universities of the world.

Our intention is to evolve from a regional-level institution into a leading European university. Based upon the research and developmental potential of the University, we seek to meet the educational, research and arts promoting requirements of the 21st century with the development of the teaching hospitals, the establishment of the Science Park around the ELI-ALPS Research Centre.

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