SolvElectric Technologies Kft.


Beginning of membership: 2020
Address: 6728 Szeged, Budapesti út 8 ( Délép Ipari Park)
Phone: +36 62 542 030

Field of activity


SolvElectric Technologies Kft. was established in 1991 as a family business.
Currently, the company operates in the DÉLÉP Industrial Park, in its own 1300m2 production hall, with 3 main departments: RDI department; mechanical and electronics manufacturing department; and service department.
RDI department: dealing with industrial research and the design of individual equipment from the idea state to a finished product.
We participate in research projects both at home and abroad and also cooperate in international consortia.
Thanks to our manufacturing department, we can also manufacture and test the prototype of the designed equipment or the designed product in a short time.
Our service department performs technical damage assessment with a nationwide network for 5 insurance companies. (Generali -, Genertel Biztosító Zrt. K&H Biztosító, Köbe, Aegon)
We install and maintain all equipment manufactured and/or marketed by us in any part of Hungary during their warranty period and beyond. Our fast response maintenance team is at the service of our partners throughout the country. (With our After sales service)

Our uniquely designed products and solutions
- Design and manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies from 700VA to 10000VA in industrial 19” rack systems.
- LED lighting systems (also with solar battery energy production and storage)
- Battery Managment System (BMS) for modular lithium energy storage systems with active balancing up to 48V and passive cell balancing up to 750V.
- We can provide a customer-specific communication interface for our BMS systems
- Construction of a vertical farm with sustainable operation for vertical black boxing production
- SolvSUN plant LED lamp family (with toplight and interlight solutions)
- SolveAir air disinfection product family – for ozone-free indoor air disinfection

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