SEQOMICS Biotechnológia Kft.


Beginning of membership: 2017
Address: 6782 Mórahalom, Vállalkozók útja 7.
Phone: (+36 30) 4276251

Field of activity

Complete sequencing and bioinformatics services


The privately held small enterprise SeqOmics Biotechnology Ltd. was founded by established scientists in order to provide solutions for the permanently increasing demand for genomics and bioinformatics services, as well as food safety and animal health fields.

The company offers genomics services and bioinformatic analyses at any depth specified by the customers. The highly qualified molecular biology and bioinformatics staff represents further advantage for SeqOmics Biotechnology Ltd. at the genomics and bioinformatics market.

SeqOmics Biotechnology Ltd. provides full service worldwide. Both our customers and the company is benefiting from the facts that SeqOmics is a small organization (SME) in Eastern Europe, thereby functions especially cost-effectively. In addition, we are treating each customer on a personal and unique way, being opened even for free scientific discussions already at the project-design step.

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