Project Excellence – Pécs László EV.


Beginning of membership: 2019
Address: 1117 Budapest, Erőmű utca 5.
Phone: (+36 20) 9536 454

Field of activity

in line with our name, Project Excellence, our mission is to improve and distribute project management excellence.


Our scope of activities includes preparation, start-up and development of projects, exploring technology transfer opportunities between companies, assistance with the implementation of technological transfer, as well as selection and implementa-tion IT tools supporting portfolio- and project management.
Relying on our expertise gained in managing domestic and international projects for more than 20 years, we provide project management support for SMEs and multinational corporations.
We aim to design and implement customised technologies, methods, processes, as well as to improve motivational schemes and provide project management train-ing, taking into consideration and developing the internal/external environment and the employees’ competencies, in order to ensure that our clients can achieve their strategic objectives.

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