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Fogtechnikai és fogászati szolgáltatások


The HappySmile invisible aligner system is the latest orthodontics method to ensure you a beautiful smile! The aligners are aesthetic and removable, so it is very easy to keep your teeth and aligners clean at all times. Happysmile orthodontics method is the best option if you need an alternative method besides the adhersive orthodontics appliances.

The basis of the orthodontics method is the high-tech 3D technology! With the help of a computerized program we can design your desired smile prior to the orthodontics process keeping the rules of anatomy in consideration. All of the steps of the movement of your denture is modelled and are shown to you by your dentist in all details. We define the number of aligners needed for the required treatment.

As all the aligners are to be worn for 2 weeks, it is easy to define the projected time of the entire treatment. The quotation forms the part of the design plan. If the plan and the price of the treatment included in the quotation suits you, we can start the manufacturing of your individualized invisible aligners!

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