Kis szériás 3D nyomtatási technológiával gyártható, az egészsgügyben használható eszközök előállítása. Interested!


Beginning of membership: 2017
Address: 2040 Budaörs Ébner György köz 4.
Phone: (+36 20) 915 7528

Field of activity

Manufacturing of products for the health sector by 3D printing


Premet’s mission is to improve the quality of life directly and indirectly by exploiting the potential of 3D printing. The focus of its activity is on the manufacturing of 3D printed products for the dental and medical sectors. Based on its equipments and expertise the firm is capable of manufacturing products made of metal and plastic complying with the highest quality requirements. The product protfolio ranges from implants made of titanium and PEEK, through custom made prosthetics and surgical instruments made of metal and plastic, to 3D printed plastic models. Premet puts a high emphasis on R&D and innovation, as well as on the active participation in the work of relevant organisations focusing on the combination of healthcare, 3D printing and Industry 4.0 solutions.

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