Noviter Kft.


Beginning of membership: 2013
Address: 1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 51/D
Phone: (+ 36-30) 343 5027

Field of activity

Introduction of therapeutic procedures, medical instrument development


Noviter Ltd has been founded with the purpose of introducing new medical procedures which were not available in Hungary before. The introduction of the External Counterpulsation Pump (ECP) treatment was such a therapeutic option which was not available in Hungary. There was an unmet need for patients suffering from Cardiological diseases. Those patients who went through invasive Cardiological interventions and still experienced chest pain originated from their heart and coronary arteries found this treatment option extremely useful in reaching chest pain free conditions.
The Ischemic Heart Disease is still a leading cause of death in Hungary. Despite of getting the most up-to-date therapeutic procedures these patients still experienced severe chest pain which confined their ability of doing physical exercise or going back to work again. The type of this chest pain is called Refractory Angina Pectoris. These patients remained complainant, still experiencing chest pain and could not reached pain free conditions. For these patients ECP treatment was a breakthrough in reaching pain free conditions. Clinical trials showed that 80% of these patients reached pain free or severely reduced pain conditions. Their quality of life improved tremendously being able to do physical exercises and go back to work again. This therapeutic procedure has been introduced in the USA around in year 2000 and still applying successfully.
Noviter Ltd developed medical treatment centers where we can apply successfully this therapeutic procedure. Currently two centers are the most successful, one in Budapest and the other one in Debrecen.

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