MEDICOR Szerviz Zrt.


Beginning of membership: 2006
Address: 1119 Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 36-40.
Phone: (+ 36 1) 412 2333

Field of activity

Maintenance and repair of medical equipment


MEDICOR Service Co. Ltd. has started in 1963 as brand service organization of MEDICOR Works and by now has an experience of more than 55 years. Services are provided on the basis of individual orders, lump sum contracts and main contracting. The scope of activity covers almost the whole medical engineering industry from operating theatres through medical electronics to X-ray equipment. Well-trained professionals ensure smooth repair and maintenance of equipment as well as on-going supply of necessary spare parts.

Scope of Activity
- Maintenance and repair of medical equipment,
- Periodical inspections according to the regulations set forth in the Order of the Ministry of
Health No. 4/2009 (III.17.),
- Refurbishment of key components of operation theatre equipment, medical electronic
devices and X-ray equipment manufactured by MEDICOR,
- Survey the status of medical equipment fleet of hospitals,
- Service and trade representation

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