Beginning of membership: 2006
Address: 1044 Budapest, Ezred u. 2 B2/2.
Phone: +36 1 688 1910

Field of activity

Ipari, sebészeti lézerek fejlesztése, gyártása, lézertechnológiai szolgáltatások


LASRAM’s main profiles are developing and producing of medical and industrial laser devices and provides for supporting on laser technology

The OPAL laser line from LASRAM gives many advantages like the well known CO2 laser at laser surgery for the user. The surgery interventions can do high preciseness using the accessories at free-hand surgery and microscopic and endoscopic surgery in continuous, impulse or superpulse mode. The appropriate parameters in these operating modes can adjust easy for the different type of tissues.
With the variant power laser unit of the OPAL laser family can defer to the different needs. The OPAL laser line can apply in the one day surgery and in the hospital and clinical practice as well.

• Ear-Nose-Throat
• Gynecology
• Dermatology
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery
• General surgery
• Oral surgery

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