Beginning of membership: 2006
Address: 1194 Budapest Ady Endre út 97-99. 3/D/4
Phone: (+36-1) 357 9707
E-mail: level@korzet.hu
Website: www.korzet.hu

Field of activity

Production of custom-made, near-medical medical aids and manufacture of sports medicine products


Our company Korzet Kft started its activity in April 1986 in the field of production and trade of medical instruments. In the past ten years, we went through constant improvement. At present the two owners and 18 employees work for the firm in a 300 m2 depot and in two shops in the countryside.Our main activity is the production of individual, near-corporal medical devices, and the production, export and import sports medical devices. These products serve the forward and the bottom limbs, the support and fastening of the body, and the protection fo the joints. We possess a well-equipped artifice workshop and tailory section for the production.Due to own production, our prices are usually lower as compared to the prices of solely trading companies. Most of our products are licensed by OGYEI, EMKI.We are contracted with the National Health Service of Hungary (NEAK), therefore our company accepts prescriptions as well.

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