Beginning of membership: 2013
Address: 1143 Budapest, Szobránc utca 29.
Phone: (+36-1) 222 5480

Field of activity

Egészségügyi informatikai fejlesztések, szolgáltatások


The Hospitaly Ltd. dominant player in the domestic healthcare software development and IT system construction for more than 30 years.
Our mission is to bring value added solutions into this Sector. The Company has priorities are to ensure Integrated Medical Systems and Innovating Solutions for all participants of the Healthcare System in Hungary.

The key of our success is the open-minded way of thinking and the continuous development based.Our success is confirmed by the satisfaction of our customers and the continuous growth of our sales. Our innovation ability are also marked by the “ICT innovation of the year 2012” award winning iKórlap application as well as our regional oncology case management system under trademark protection.

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