Szabad gyártási kapacitások, szükség esetén több műszakmab is.
- CNC lemezmegmunkálás, forgácsolás,
- Mechanikai és elkronikai szerelési tevékenységek,
- Speciális hegesztések és forrasztások elkészítése, Interested!


Beginning of membership: 2019
Address: 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Ady Endre u.1
Phone: (+36-30) 212 3301

Field of activity

Complex CNC machining center services


Gemitech Technological, Trading and Servicing Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned family
business with a main profile of warehousing and storage. Ever since its establishment,
Gemitech Ltd. has been a profitable microenterprise. Apart from storage, our company also started production activities. In recent years we started producing small- and
mid-sized series of precision machine parts, with a very tight tolerance (cutting with
CNC-machinery, turning with CNC turning machines). Furthermore, we expanded our
product range to medical machine parts, such as frames for incubators, storage boxes for
medical equipment, infusion stands, etc.
Our goal is to serve the needs of a wide group of buyers, modernizing our machine park
and become more effective in our production

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