Virtuális termék tervezás illetve fémek és műanyagok 3D nyomtatása a legmodernebb technológiák alklamazásával Interested!


Beginning of membership: 2013
Address: 9024 Győr, Csokonai u. 10.
Phone: +36 30 937 0373

Field of activity

Manufacturing and trading of dental implants, implantological research and development.


Our company, Dent-Art-Technik Ltd. is a Hungarian family-run business established in 1992, which deals with the manufacturing and trading of modern medical aids, that mainly involves the production of various dental products and dentures.
We make our products from high quality raw materials with up to date and complemental technologies wich are based on each other. We are capable of doing all of the worksteps. Our products include denture, tooth regulation, press ceramic, fixed prosthetics, individual implants, and all of the products of dental technican, serving the customers of the neighbouring countries too.

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