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Hungarian Medical Cluster

In 1994 small and medium enterprises developing, manufacturing and distributing hospital and medical devices and providing services established Hungarian Association of Medical Manufacturers and Service Providers (Magyar Medikai Gyártók és Szolgáltatók Egyesülete) (currently having 60 members) that has been enhancing the cooperation, communication and lobby force of the companies concerned. MediCluster was created in 2006 by those members of the Association that had been cooperating for several years. MediCluster is a network of business companies, institutes that develop, manufacture, distribute Hungarian medical devices, products and provide services on a profit-oriented or non-profit basis, or perform activities and/or provide professional-scientific support related to the above. Cluster is the business cooperation of equal, cooperating parties trusting each other. Organisations in MediCluster (29 members at present) are leading players of Hungarian medical technology industry. Business activities of the companies include the development, production, distribution and support of medical equipments that help to provide the society with high quality health services available for everyone. In 2007 annual net income of MediCluster was 11,5 billion HUF.
On July 21, 2008, OMEGA INVEST Klaszter Menedzsment Kft., a management organisation commissioned by MediCluster members submitted a successful application for the title ’Accredited Innovation Clusters’. As a result, Hungarian Medical Cluster received the title 'Accredited Innovation Cluster of New Hungary Development Plan, Pole Programme’ on September 10, 2008.
In the next 3 years, 3 innovative development projects will be performed by the Cluster  (Development of Export-Promoting Incubator House, Laser Development Project and Project for the Development of Hospital Services).
Total cost of these 3 projects will be approximately 5 billion HUF (including a requested support of approx. 2 billion HUF).

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